Bridger Canyon Rural Fire Department

Proud to Serve

Established in 1978, the Bridger Canyon Fire Department has been providing service for the residents of Bridger Canyon for over 30 years. Located at the 8 mile marker on Bridger Canyon Road, BCFD provides service to over 350 homes as well as the Fish Hatchery and Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. We provide Fire Suppression, Medical Response, Hazmat Response, and Rescue, 24/7. Our Volunteers are committed to providing the best service with true professionalism.

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Use the form to the left or email us directly at or contact us at 406-586-6427.  You can reach the Fire Chief at

If you wish to reach out to an individual board member, please use one of the following:

Jane Lerner, Treasurer

Gary Andrews,  Chair

Joanne Desch, Secretary

Will Caton, Board Member

Craig Delger, Board Member