Bridger Canyon Rural Fire Department

Proud to Serve

Established in 1978, the Bridger Canyon Fire Department has been providing service for the residents of Bridger Canyon for over 30 years. Located at the 8 mile marker on Bridger Canyon Road, BCFD provides service to over 350 homes as well as the Fish Hatchery and Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. We provide Fire Suppression, Medical Response, Hazmat Response, and Rescue, 24/7. Our Volunteers are committed to providing the best service with true professionalism.

Bridger Canyon Rural Fire District Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process:

In order to create a refined organizational process for defining direction, making decisions and allocating resources both for present operational readiness and a desired vision of the future the Bridger Canyon Rural Fire District Board institutes this strategic process that will, when fully implemented provide a continuing framework that continually and in perpetuity seeks to optimize operational readiness and safety for all stakeholders in the district.  This process provides the Board and the organization with focus on key areas of governance and operational responsibility by setting direction, managing resources and providing oversight.   The process also establishes key leadership goals of transparency, inclusiveness and diversity in governance.


Mission Statement:

To provide fire protection, emergency response and community services that meets or exceeds district needs with exemplary professionalism and commitment.


Vision Statement:

To continually evolve the highest levels of service delivery and build the organization to be a strong fit to the dynamic needs of the community, the district and all stakeholders.


Core Values:

Service:  Strive for the highest levels of mission oriented service, driven by strong professionalism and servant leadership at all levels of the organization.

Commitment:   Build passionate and determined alignment with the overall strategy and its mission and vision through a positive team spirit and energy.

Continuous Improvement:  Embrace a culture of continuous improvement which seeks to pursue excellence and consistently drive best practices and professional development through learning, training and experience.

Integrity:  Promote and build a strong ethical base and culture for the organization.  The Montana Code of Ethics as framed in the State Constitution and values found in the Firefighters Code of Ethics will provide the foundation on which to build.

Communication:  Implement excellence in communication which builds open and honest relationships with all stakeholders, facilitating their right to know and participate while instilling trust and credibility.

Leadership:  All levels of leadership must make core values live throughout the organization by actions that speak louder than rhetoric.  The organizational culture will in fact become whatever values are truly shared by all.


Action Plans: 

Action plans are a set of coordinated organization-wide implementing game plans all focused on the overarching strategy.  Each functional element of the organization will craft its own supporting plans with specific and measureable actions and goals which, will collectively and with synergy propel the organization towards the vision.  Action plans also provide a mechanism for monitoring, evaluating and refining the strategic process with changes in the organizational internal and external operating environments.

Action Plans for the BCRFD will initially include but not be limited to the following:

                        Plan                                                                                                  Responsibility

  • Board of Trustees Resource Planning and Goals                 BCRFD Board Chair
  • Board of Trustees Future Needs Assessment                       BCRFD Board Chair
  • Acquisition, Contracts and Purchasing Action Plan          BCRFD Board Chair
  • Training Action Plan                                                                        BCRFD Chief
  • Maintenance Action Plan                                                               BCRFD Chief
  • Admin Action Plan                                                                            BCRFD Chief
  • Recruiting Action Plan                                                                    BCRFD Chief
  • Health and Safety Action Plan                                                     BCRFD Chief
  • Medical Action Plan                                                                          BCRFD Chief
  • Outside Coordination Action Plan                                             BCRFD Chief
  • Public Information and Communications Plan                   BCRFD Chief/Board


BCRFD Board of Trustees approved 10/14/13